Monday, March 18, 2013

Post March Break

First, you know  all about March Break because your kids are excited about a week when they don't have to go to school.  Then, kids leave home and you forget that it is March Break - at least that is what my sister and Sel & Poivre tell me.  Then all of a sudden you are the grand parents of school age kids and March Break becomes, once again,  an important annual marker.  Especially, if like us, your grand kids live far enough away to make  Grandma's house a  5 star  (rated by those under 12)  vacation destination.

Normally, in our   Fred's situation, the grand kids, week-long visit is sandwiched between two, long,  travel days  - one to pick them up and one to take them home.  This year, though,  their Mom & Dad came for the last few days of the week, so we were saved that return trip. 

There was FUN!  We are fortunate enough to live in a area, ripe with things for tourists to do.  Makes entertaining grand kids easy.  We spent a day on the slopes, refining their skiing skills.  A day at 'The Plunge'  - an indoor outdoor pool with lots of slides, swinging ropes and hot tubs.  It is great fun to start the swim indoors, dive under the glass wall  then lie on your back in the outdoor pool looking up at the ski hills and the skiers flying down.  We had a pie-making day, fishing with Grandpa, an afternoon at the  movies and countless games of Euchre, Scrabble and Sequence.  Teaching them to play Euchre when they were about 8& 9 years of age was one of our more brilliant ideas.  We have since, had hours of fun seeing who can out-play who.

And the only knitting I did was this.
 A dishcloth.  The local hospital  asked the Meaford knitters if we could knit some for the gift shop.  One dishcloth.  My nod to knitting during a busy March Break.


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Sandra said...

If you want a great Eurche-ish card game that can be played with more people, and can get very cut throat, look for a deck called Wizard. Fantastic game. We've got our whole lake playing it now.
You'll thank me...