Saturday, March 23, 2013

Canadia Food

Number 2 son and his Spanish girlfriend are coming for the weekend.  A while back when I asked Lady of Spain her impression of Canadian Food, she replied that she didn't know what Canadian Food was.   Most restaurants,  she said,  serve hamburgs, fries, chicken fingers and the like, so she didn't feel she had yet been  exposed to Canadian Food.

I told her that on her next visit, I would make Canadian Food.

What you see here are 2 Tourtiere, 2 loaves of home made bread, a bunch of Hot Cross Buns, a bunch of Butter Tarts, and an Apple Crisp.  This weekend, there will also be Scalloped Potatoes to go with the Chicken dinner.  Should be Canadian enough.  I hope they bring their appetites.


EL said...

Wow that all looks sooo yummy I'll be right over.

Moe said...

We were in your town yesterday & Bill thought
he could smell butter tarts.
Next time we will stop at Grandma Brenda's not Grandma Lambe's

Linda said...

What an industrious cook! And it looks so tempting. But...what is a tourtiere?

Sandra said...

Butter tarts are the quintessential Canadian Food - good choices all around!

Yarn and Ivories said...