Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Faster. Faster.

Patience is a virtue, 
Possess it if you can.
It's seldom found in woman,
But it's never found in man.

Seldom is right when it comes to this woman having patience.  I can't wait for my Colour Block to dry.  But if patience is a virtue, impatience must be  the  mother of invention. Or innovation.

I soaked Colour Block then pinned it to size on my blocking board.  A wet wool sweater takes ages to dry, I knew.  That is when I came up with the brilliant idea of placing it in front of my south-facing patio doors.  And as luck would have it there is a heat register there.  I'm hoping for a dry CB by tomorrow.  

And with a little encouragement, I think that will happen. Curling lingo can't hurt.

 Hurry.  Hurry, hard! 


Sandra said...

curling lingo fits into so many aspects of real life...
grat looking sweater - will look for you during the Men's Worlds!

Sigrun said...

It's generally dry here, so my sweaters are dry over night, but if it's humid, I put an oscillating fan on in the room--really speeds things up. I love the finished sweater.

Sel and Poivre said...

I have great good luck with the application of a little fan too - often things dry in three hours or so!

Needles said...

De-humidifier. Works like a charm. But I like your solution too and I love your blocking board.