Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Red Infinity

On my needles today, I have a  red Infinity Scarf.  From what I can see on ravelry, Infinity is the name given to any scarf or cowl that goes on forever.  A piece of knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann would describe as somthing you 'knit until you can't stand it any longer or you run out of yarn.  Whichever comes first.'

A few weeks ago,  on a trip down south, to Ontario's Big Smoke, I noticed many young women wearing long, l - o - n - g  scarves wound round their necks.  Hung  once, they were navel-grazing.  Wrapped twice, they were big cowls. 

A day in Toronto being my fashion barometer, I knew that a navel-grazing  Infinity Scarf could be the hit I wanted for my family Christmas gift exchange  fight.  Last Thursday, on our Knitters Night Out, I spotted one on display at Riverside Yarns.  In  shades of red it was perfect.  Fortunately for me,  I was the first to spot it as there was only one ball of the red yarn  left on the shelf. 

The red yarn is  James Brett Chunky Marble , an acrylic yarn.
 Marble is known for it's gorgeous colours - a beer budget cousin to the champagne of gorgeously- coloured yarn,  Noro.  But considering either the perceived  itch issue or the laundry dilema, acrylic is the perfect  choice when knitttng for an unknown recipient under the age of 25.

The pattern I am making up as I go along.  Beginning with 200 stitches on a 6.5mm needles, I worked a few rows of K2, P2.  Then some stockinet, some reverse stockinet and back to the K2,  P2 and repeat.
 It is about 6 inches wide now so I will knit for another couple of inches.  Or until I get sick of it or run out of yarn - whichever comes first.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Purple last post and red this time - its getting very colourful around your knitting basket these days!