Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothing to Show

Where my knitting time disappeared to today, I do not know.  My goal was to start the back of Vignette.  Instead, this morning, I hiked.  And this afternoon?  Who knows?

Laid out here are the four 'so-far' pieces of Vignette.

 The 2 fronts and the sleeves.  Yes, Sandra was right - the sleeves only seem to take forever!

And here is the back.
 So far.  Still perfectly preserved in ball form.  No 12 day sweater this, for sure.  It is taking me forever.

What I have learned so far is - knitting a sweater in pieces is tedious, slow and  therefore boring.  Remind me not to do this again.  I should have converted Vignette  to a 'knit- in-the-round' sweater.  it would have been done by now. - That's my story!

And now, due to the long knitting time, I am distracted.  I want to knit  All The Shades Of Truth.  I want to knit it NOW!    And if Vignette was finished, Shades would be on the needles.  Tonight, I am attending a lecture, given by Linden MacIntrye -  wonder if he would mind if I knit?


Sel and Poivre said...

Did you see the item on the news today that hiking increases creativity to a measurable degree? Maybe that's why you came back so impatient to start something new!

Seeing Linden should be fun!

Needles said...

I completely agree about what to start next. All the Shades of Truth is so eye catching that I might just break into my very precious stash of Tove to knit it.

Do you think having more than one absolutely stunning shawl in greys and cream is wrong?