Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Old Man

My old man turns 70 this week.  Yikes!  He doesn't seem 70 but his birth certificate says he is.

Fred is not one to enjoy being the  centre of attention so  I knew he would not be happy if I threw a party  to celebrate his 70th.  What to do. 70 is a big milestone, so I did want to do something to mark the occasions.  I wanted to show him that he is loved and that the world has been a better place with him in it. 

Then one day, in the Owen Sound paper, there was a big ad for the Chi Cheemaun's final crossing of the season.  Dinner, entertainment and  a 5 hour boat ride south down  the east side of the Bruce pennisula to the Owen Sound harbour, where the Big Canoe rests for the winter.

Fred and I have a special connection with the Chi Cheemaun.  For more than 25 years we spent our summer vacation time on Manitoulin, arriving on the island  via the Chi Cheemaun.  Our very first ride was memorable as we naively underestimated the  number of people that ride the Chi Cheemaun and  couldn't get on the boat for our intended sailing time.  Missing the boat means a 4 hour wait.  There were rides when we raced up Hwy 6 to make the boat, when we stayed overnight in Tobermory in order to be on the 7 am ferry, or the ride when everyone in our party got on the boat except my single-Mom sister and her 3 small children.  If that ferry could have held one more car, they would have been on.  Instead we waved good bye to the 4 of them as they forlornly sat, first in line for the next ferry.

With all that history, coupled with the fact that both Fred and I enjoy being on the water, I booked the day away  as his birthday gift.

Despite the rainy cool weather, it was a great day.  Almost 600 people enjoyed that ride.  The roast beef diner was great, the band was great, the time spent with my old man was great and the big, just-like-a-kid smile that adorned his face  for most of the trip  -  except for when I snapped his picture it would seem - was proof enough that it was the perfect gift.


Sel and Poivre said...

You two are so far beyond adorable its hard to describe! Happy Birthday Fred!

Anonymous said...

that was a great gift idea!


Needles said...

All my very best to Fred whose love and support for you are obvious, plus he wears wool. What is not to like!

Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Happy birthday Fred!

Jan said...

Happy. birthday to your hubby. What a greatvway to spend a day.

freshisle said...

Oh, I wish I'd known! The dinner cruise is wonderful. Happy belated birthday.