Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Knitters Reunion

Once or twice each year,  I get together with two of my'Friends Who Knit from   'down south' -  Southern Ontario that is - for a day of knitting, laughing and eating.

Yesterday was that day, and it couldn't have been better.  The weather was gorgeous for the drive, the show and tell was awesome and the company great fun. 

This year was Hilda's turn to host.  Hilda lives in a century-old, Victorian farm house.  A farm house complete with an elegant, curving, stair case,   deep, deep window sills, the complete quiet of a rural  location and a gorgeous, newly-renovated kitchen.  Add to all that a delicious vegetarian lunch and many, many knitting projects  and you have the perfect, knitterly day. 

Take a look.

 Hilda's cute baby outfit.

Hilda purchased a one pound cone of Shelridge Farms Fingering Weight yarn at the Woodstock Fleece Festival.  She could probably make several thousand of these fingerless mittens and hats with her cone.

This blanket is knit with Knit Picks Chroma.

 Marlene likes the sassy, short-sleeved sweater knit by Hilda.

Hilda likes the look of this hat OFF the head. 
 Not so much ON the head.

This wrap intrigued me.  The holey stitch, knit with several yarn overs,  was a new one for Hilda

And of course, there was Grandmotherly knitting.

And scarves.

Hilda has the cutest, little, white dog.  He didn't appreciate us intruding on his space though and growled every time we moved.  Nonetheless, Hilda has knit him a colourful coat using a  Sally Melville pattern.

Hilda is still working on this sock-yarn, crocheted blanket. I first saw it last year at our get together and I imagine I will see it next year too.

I loved Hilda's almost finished cable sweater.
A wonderful day.  An inspirational day.  Great food, great company.  Thanks Hilda and Marlene. 

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