Monday, October 1, 2012

Great Beginnings Has A Great Ending.

My little Great Beginnings is finished.  It is so!!! cute.

Pattern:  Great Beginnings by Anne Russell
Yarn:  Opal Sock yarn in Tiger Colourway - from stash
and Noro Sock yarn for button band
Needles:  3.5mm circ

Despite  knitting my Great Beginnings vest with   sock weight yarn instead of the Aran weight suggested by the pattern it was nonetheless still a quick knit.  A week or so of knitting while watching the 6 pm news and voila!  a great baby vest.

Using stash was the main intention for the project and the reason for choosing sock yarn.  I gambled with sizing.  Knitting the second  largest size with the finer yarn gave me exactly the 3 month size. Not that I would take that as gospel should you choose to do the same but that is what I managed.

Naturally, as often happens with stash, I ran out of yarn.  I would rather have run out of yarn far from the finish line than with only a few rows left  to do.  That way some nice co-ordinating stripes might have been  an attractive way to  finish off the vest.  But as luck would have it,  with just the button/hole bands left to knit, I came to the end of the Opal yarn.  Fortunately I had some co-ordinating Noro sock yarn in the stash and it looks fine  - previously planned even - in the button bands. 

Now to find some great buttons -  and a baby  -  for my Great Beginnings


Sel and Poivre said...

I'll say "previously planned"! It looks like it was the intention all along!

Isn't it fun to see how sock yarn patterning works out once its around a different sized circumference than that for which it was intended?

Needles said...

I love it!

Jan said...

It looks great!