Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Designer Linda Benne needs to put the Meaford Knitters on commission.  Gail and Sandy both worked on their 'Whisper' cardigan's today.
 Gail with Fleece Artist and Sandy with Zen. 

Carol, with three skeins of Fleece Artist Zambezi is anxious to start her Whispers but had to wind her yarn first.

Doreen is nothing if not determined.  She is well on her way to a beautiful,  mitred-square scarf.
You've come a long way from your initial, mitred morass,  Doreen.  

Ingrid is back from Victoria and a visit with her 'special' guy.  We're glad you are back, Ingrid.  We missed your lilac.
Did you not get much sleep out there, Ingrid?

Wilma.  Hang onto your Gemini.  It's lilac.  Ingrid has her eye on it.  She even has the shoes to match, remember?  Gemini, from the latest issue of Knitty,  is a very cute summer tee. Just enough lace to make it an interesting but not overly complicated knit.

Bonnie is busy with something.

Another cutest-ever, and destined for the Meaford Craft Festival,  baby sweater. 

Speaking of cutest-ever, Sandy finished the multi-ruffled dress.
That is a very creative, asymmetrical, shoulder strap treatment.  A great finishing detail, Sandy.

 Dianna works yet on her 30 - or was that 40  - year old project.
In fact, today she went backwards.  We all know what that feels like, Dianna.

Lots of 'lots of' at knitting.  Lots of colour.  Lots of knitting.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of yarn.  Lots of different patterns.  Lots of fun!


Christy J said...

I want Wilma's Gemini too - or at least, a chance to knit one before the summer's over. It's my favorite Knitty pattern this issue. There must be something in the stash that would work.

Anonymous said...

You ladies just amaze me! This week I'm especially taken with that cute frilly dress - what little girl wouldn't love that! Sandy, can you share where the pattern comes from?

have a fun weekend all,