Monday, May 28, 2012

Still In Love

Just an update on how the Stephen West romance progresses. 

The colours are glorious, the texture soft and cuddly, the fit just right and the knitting addictive.  A knitter's perfect combo.

Somehow in his genius he has incorporated just the right amount of short rows.  This scarfy, neckie thing sits at the base of the neck, reaches the exact edge of the shoulders and  becomes a mantle of softness that will beautify any coat.

The pattern calls for 86 wedges but at about 10 wedges, I realized I had the beginnings of a hat.  Seam the  wedges into a circle,  decrease for the  top and voila -a hat.  If I'm lucky, there might be enough left-over yarn to do just that.

At about 25 wedges, you have a once-around-the-neck mantle-like scarf that lies exactly where warmth is needed under a winter coat. But perhaps a bit too 'little-old-lady-like' for me.  (Denial, I know)

At the recommended 86 wedges, I think I will have a fashion-smart, twice-around warp that hangs gracefully down the front of whatever I might be wearing.  Here I have exactly half.  43 wedges and you can see that fashion-smart hang taking shape.

Still in love here.  


Sandra said...

understandably in love - that is a stunning project, and one I have bookmarked, after seeing yours!

LaurieM said...

I loved making that project. It's a lot of fun. Yours is looking beautiful.

In my studies of the pattern, I learned that the yarn that you will run out of first is the edging. So I made my outside fat edge 10sts wide instead of 12. It gave me extra yarn to go the distance width.

Sel and Poivre said...

Does Fred know that in his absence you're spending so much time with Stephen? ;)

Jan said...

Oh it's stunning!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!


Yarn and Ivories said...

Really beautiful, Brenda. I'm thinking about it myself.