Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeing Is Believing

Cinne had it's test wear on Mothers' Day. The  good news is that it is very light weight, easy to wear, not too hot, just a great summer cover up.
 The bad news is,  I think it needs bust darts.
Make that astonishing news.  When did it happen that little-old, tissue-stuffing me arrived at this stage in life where bust darts would make my sweater hang better?  I must tell Fred. 

I have examined the  modelled shot on the pattern cover with a magnifying glass and I see no evidence of the sweater riding up across her bust.  But it does on mine.  Originally I thought my 3for4 ratio of picking up stitches for the ribbing was the issue.  The pattern suggested 4for5.  But my pulling up seems more severe than that extra 5%.  I truly think it needs bust darts.  Something I have never done, in a sweater of mine, ever before.

To me, it also seems, despite my having shortened it about one inch, a bit long. 

 If it were about one inche shorter still, it would not 'pleat' across the hips.  To fix that,  the sweater either needs to be wider at the hips or shorter so it rests at a not-so-wide section of my body.
Having said all that.  It is not bad. After all, one doesn't stand in that modellig pose too often in real life.  Garments pleat, hike, fold and do all sorts of things in a real wear situation.  

But still, I am torn.  Is it worth ripping back for a re-do when exciting new projects await?  My advise to others is often 'sometimes good enough is good enough.'  Can I/should I  take my own advice?   Feel free to weigh in.


Sandra said...

you might be a little over critical of it - I think it looks lovely, and possibly, the arm lift is what's crating the pleating and draping.
Personally, I'd be moving on to the other exciting knits that await...

LaurieM said...

Must you tell Fred? You don't think he may have noticed for himself? After seeing you wrapped in duct tape, your blog readers know.

I think the sweater is sweet as it is. The question is, is it comfortable to wear? Will it bother you every time you put it on?

Needles said...

I don't think bust darts are the issue. I would say it has more to do with sleeve construction and that if anything, what you need is a gusset a la gansey. With a gusset, there would be just the tiniest bit less tension at the underarm, and what is bunching at the underarm would hang more naturally. I wonder if more severe blocking in the underarm area might give it what it needs? However, I don't think I would do anything else. Enjoy this as is and move forward.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my goodness, its fabulous as it is - go have a glass of wine and discuss your bust with Fred!

Jan said...

Its a lovely sweater just as it is.