Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

The mother of all UFOs was at knit group today.  Newby, Deanna, encouraged by the knitting chit chat she overheard at the gym, came to knit group today with her UFO project.
Unbelievably striking, with colours of another era, her crocheted afghan was started in - get this - 1967!!!   There should be a prize.

Gail,  worked on her Fleece Artist Kid Silk sweater, the drapey-fronted Whisper cardigan. 
Same colour as I purchased at the Knitters Frolic so another 'twinning' episode coming up.

Whisper is not the only project Gail has on the go. 
Another chemo cap finished and a pair of bright, sunny  yellow socks.

Determined Doreen has plans to be a 'square' knitter.
 That would be a knitter of squares,  not an uncool knitter.  Sandy B gives her a few tips and Doreen gets a bit more inspiration.

Sharon has 'Mothed' well underway.
Knit top down, at larger than expected gauge, with fingering weight,  Americo Alpaca, Mothed is a   soft, light-weight sweater.  Perfect layering piece, Sharon.

And Wilma's Featherweight,  is almost finished. 
 Another Americo yarn - this time Cotton Flamme and it has given Wilma untold hours of frustration.  She now knows that there is some weired twist of the wrist in the way she purls.  This being a cardigan, the de-plying of the yarn drove her crazy while knitting the  body back and forth, but disappeared once she started the 'knit-in-the-round' sleeves.  There are worse things that finding patterns where you don't have to purl, Wilma.  And the colour  is fabulous!

Carol, another  of our Florida-wintering knitters is crocheting a poncho for her grand daughter. 
Crocheted ponchos.  Apparently they're back!

Great variety, great colours and great fun.  No better place to be on a Thursday afternoon.

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