Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost Finished.

Cinne is almost finished. 
Ends to tie in and front-neck trim to knit are all that is left  to do.    Hopefully I can finish off those details and  wear it on the weekend.  The sleeves, I think,  might be a bit short  but I have decided to give it the 'proof is in the wearing' test before I  rip back to  lengthen them. 

The quirky nature of Cinne's construction appealed through the knitting process   and also in the finished piece.  Some of that lace is vertical, some horizontal.  

That gives CInne just  a little different look - and that appeals to me. 

This is one pattern that would have benefited from  row-count instructions.   All instructions were in inches, but the stretchy nature of lace makes it difficult to achieve an accurate,  ruler reading.  Flopped down on my blocking board in a relaxed, unblocked, unstretched state, here is the length. 

Just a gentle tug and look.  21 or 22 inches is my goal for the length, so blocking is definitely required.

When I say 'ready to wear' by the weekend, that really means ready by  Friday afternoon as we leave then for a family weekend at Sis' place.  Fingers crossed.

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