Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two Fingers, One Hand

One of Fred's fishing mittens is done.
It's a strange looking item - even knowing that's not the middle finger!

Using both a glove pattern and a mitten pattern I jigged back and forth between the two to get my glitten. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn and mine being closer to aran makes the finished product look wide for it's length. I've been assured the fish won't mind.

Starting with the mitten pattern, I worked the cuff and thumb gusset. At that point, I switched to the glove pattern and made the first finger. With the finger complete, it was back to the mitten pattern to finish off.

Glitten number two to follow soon. In the meantime, take a look at our snow.

It went from this Friday evening
- the first, fun, soft, atmosphere-inspiring snowfall of the season, to this
by Tuesday morning. My laundry window - totally blocked by snow.

Of course, that is nothing compared to my friends back in London. 30 inches have fallen there. Stated by the weatherman and confirmed by my friend and her tape measure.

It gets old fast, doesn't it?


LynS said...

I can't even imagine what it's like to have your laundry window covered in snow! and to know that it wil remain that way for months - even stranger.

Nicki said...

Yes Brenda, it certainly does get old very fast! It was half way up our back door. Maybe we could call it insulation!

Sandra said...

It does get old, and it's only the first snowfall. I tried to get to work Monday - My boss carpooled with me, and when we got to the highway and saw them parked (at 10am), he just had me turn around. Why spend the day in the car, when we were much more productive at home? Today there's still snow, but the sun is shining, and the roads are clear. There are some good parts of winter...

Vera said...

Will you please keep it in your area!!! We got rid of almost all our snow and don't want any more!!!!!