Friday, December 3, 2010

Socks Done. Box Gone.

James socks are done
and the box has gone.

What a wrapping frenzy, this morning. In order to keep track of gifts for the Hearsters without relying on my memory, nothing had been wrapped. Today was my personal deadline for getting the box to the post office. That meant an early morning rush to wrap the gifts, pack, tape and address the box, then shove Fred out the door, box in hand, in time to meet the 10:30am departure deadline. We made it!

You've heard me say - "I don't knit for others." You've heard me say "I don't do Christmas knitting." Well, 2010 seems to be a year of exceptions to my rule. Look at my Christmas knitting.
Hats with rabbit fur trim for Abi and Sarah. Socks with Possum fur for James. 'Morgan's Cardi for Abi and a pair of felted slippers for anyone they might fit. Nothing hand knit for Mom or Dad. Sorry. There's only so much these hands can do.

Insured and stamped, the box is leaving town as I write. Let's hope the postman delivers faster than I knit.


Deb said...


Needles said...

The folks at the other end of the list are going to be thrilled with their haul.

The socklady said...

Well done. 7° and falling will be wearing woolie bed socks tonight in my way cold bedroom.