Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Gorup And My Survivor Review

Last week was our Christmas celebration. This week - well, two celebrations are twice as good - so Christmas goodies it was.
Cookies, chatter and knitting. A great afternoon.

Sandy B was home for the holidays from Florida. She has joined a knitting group down south and brought with her some wonderful Florida knitting. The beginnings of a sock -yarn, mitred square blanket
and a lovely linen vest/wrap thing.
Very haute couture Sandy.

Nicki modelled a wonderful hat, knit by Gloria. We all want that pattern.

Sharon had a request from hubby Bob for his third!! pair of felted clogs. Pre-felted, they look rather funny. We hope to see them in their felted state, Sharon.

Marlene made two fun hats. Lilac in colour, they almost went home with our lilac queen - Ingrid.

Doreen, ever the charitable knitter, had several of these little bags for her Sunday School class.
She fills them with goodies and trinkets for the girls. They will love them, Doreen.

Joanne came with three finished pairs of her wonderful mittens. Admired here by Ingrid.
One more knitting Thursday this year, then the library is closed for a week. We will all have withdrawal!

On to Survivor. Again last night I was at the Cantata practise. But arrived home to see the vote. I'm not surprised. No one would want to face the jury against that contestant. Fred tells me they had their family visits. Late in the season as Sunday night is the finale. Survivor finale is such a great knitting night.


Vera said...

Great picture of Nicki. I'm surprised you got her to stand still for it ☺ Thanks

Nicki said...

Consider it your gift, Mom!