Friday, December 17, 2010

Red It Is

Copying is something I do well. Once having seen Sharon's MIL's Red Hat Society red hat, I came home and ordered Bonnie Marie Burns pattern for the Felted Bucket Hat.

Using a ball of bright red Rejuvenation, I started the hat at knit group yesterday. It is a quick knit and in between bites of goodies, I managed to do this.
This hat is not for me - red is so not my colour. This hat is for Dorothy. Fun loving Dorothy of the bright and cheerful socks. I will see her on the 27th . Hopefully the hat will be done and decorated with some very creative purple ornament by that time. Suggestions?

Have a great weekend everyone.


Joansie said...

It's alwasy so nice to receive a handknitted gift from another knitter. Dorothy will be delighted.

freshisle said...

Decorated with tiny purple socks???

Laurie said...

Lovely!! I recently knit myself a red bucket hat out of Rios. Looks so cheerful with my antique treble clef brooch. :-) I'm sure Dorothy will be thrilled!