Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free At Last

I saw something this morning I haven't seen for over a week. The sun! I think the storm is over.

Over enough that I intend to go to work this morning. Or at least intend to attempt to go. Fred is blowing the driveway as I write and has cautioned me to take extra warm clothes, the phone, food and a candle. Routine emergency items for winter travelling in our parts. Despite road conditions and weather, I am determined to go to work today.

It is the day of our Christmas luncheon. All the knitters who participated in KALs at the store throughout the fall are coming - or at least were invited to come - for lunch and show & tell today. Who would miss that?

On the knitting front , an 'anonymous' -sounded just like Peter- commenter yesterday cautioned that if I keep posting updates on 'the' sweater there won't be much of a surprise for him under the tree. Sorry, Pete, Stop reading now. Here's what the storm did.

I'm beginning to doubt the pattern, though and think I might rip and re-knit as per Elizabeth. The pattern calls for 83 stitches at the upper sleeve with a gauge of 5 stitches per inch. That makes the upper sleeve only about 16 inches around. Not very roomy for a muscular guy wanting a 'jacket' sweater. I'm still considering, but don't be surprised if I take it back.

Here's to safe driving on bare roads with sunny skies above.

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Nicki said...

While you're in town it might be a good idea to pick up supplies, we're suppose to get another storm tonight! Gosh, I hope THEY are wrong. The sweater looks great!