Friday, July 31, 2009


When at the trailer, Fred is a marathoner. Don't get excited. You won't see him in Boston. He maraton fishes. Normally, I marathon knit.

But last year, I mentioned to Charlie that I would like a kayak. He happened to be at an outdoor show in February and spotted a beginner, not-too-expensive kayak. Perfect for Grandma.

And so, while Fred has been marathon fishing, I have been marathon kayaking. Kayak marathoning produces blisters in different places than marathon knitting. A change of pace for my thumbs.

Charlie in Grandma's kayak


LaurieM said...

That's way cool! I'm impressed.

curliegirl said...

Looks like so much fun!

Everyone's a marathoner at heart!

Nicki said...

Hey Brenda, Nice to see you're having a good time. Is the kayak coming home? Are you?? Miss you.