Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weather Dismal

Trailer knitting for me is not my normal knitting. At the trailer, I like non-thinking projects - projects that I can accomplish in a day or two that require no brain power.

Often I have the grandkids at the trailer, and they want to swim, boat, fish - all the exciting stuff. That means, Grandma's knitting happens in small snatches. And that means, the non-thinking projects work best for me.

But - you knew that was coming, didn't you? The weather has been - in a gross understatement - I would say, poor. Rain and cool since our arrival. Still, I knit a hat and finished, Abi's short summer sweater, and was wondering what to do next, when the the weather man announced the weather for next few days.

He used a meteorological term I hadn't heard before, He said the weather would be dismal. Dismal!
Not a problem for Fred. He remembered his jacket. He remembered his sweater. Me? I forgot both.

I suggested going to town to buy a jacket, but Fred asked if surely I didn't have enough wool to knit myself one. Why yes, indeed, I do.

I started this sweater - Top Down.
from this book
At the moment, I am about half finished. I suspect, it will be done, just at the minute the sun comes out.


LaurieM said...

Well at least your lap will before while you work it!

Zieknits said...

If the sun comes out the minute your gorgeous cardi is done (I need that book!), consider it a public service! Whenever anyone comments on the wonderful change in the weather, just smile and say quietly "you're welcome." :)