Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nimbus Had A Date

The house was full this past weekend. Besides the grand kids, my sister, B-I-L, Dad and niece Christie were here.

Saturday morning, our plan had been to walk downtown to shop, as Sis always tries her best to inject capital into the Thornbury economy when she visits. But the weather almost kept us home.

"I need a sweater", she complained as we stepped out of the house.

"I've got just the thing" I replied, and out came Nimbus.
(The price of borrowing was a photo for the blog.)

We shopped for a couple of hours then met up with the rest of the family for lunch at a local restaurant and during that time, Nimbus received three compliments!!!

I was a very proud mama!


LaurieM said...

Well yeah! Nimbus is dress to pleased. That combination of colors really works on your sister.

Unknown said...

Wow! Your sister looks fantastic in Nimbus...the colours work so well together. Careful that Nimbus doesn't get packed away in a suitcase to be scarleted away from you!