Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Acrylic Smylic

I like natural fibres. Make that I like natural fibres!!!

For Christmas last year, both granddaughters gifted me with yarn. A wonderful, thoughful gift. And they both chose yarn that was very appealing to little girls. There were bright yarns and fussy yarns and colourfuul yarns but no natural fibre yarns.

One advantage of living far apart is not having to quickly account for gifts. But being at the trailer, I thought I should knit something for the girls with the yarn they purchased.

For Sarah, who chose bright red and contrasting black, I decided to make a hat. A fair isle hat. Have you ever tried fair isle with Acrylic? Not easy. Not fogiving. Not stretchy. Not fun.

But done. Sarah has been vacationing at her other granmothers. She comes home this weekend. I hope she likes the hat.

Initially, I had thought to make matching mittens. But that's not going to happen. Does anyone want some leftover red and balck acrylic?


LaurieM said...

It turned out great. She'll love it!

freshisle said...

But, it looks wonderful!