Monday, July 13, 2009

Opposites Attract

It may not be true for every married couple, but in our case, opposites did attract.

For proof positive, take a look at the picture below. Fred, son Peter and I took two grand kids and niece Christie to Ontario Place. Not normally ride lovers, the kids convinced Fred and I that we could handle the logging-display, boat ride. Of course there is a ginormous drop as you near the end of the ride, and Peter, sitting in front of us, turned part way through that drop and captured our feelings in a great photo.

The fun-filled moment left both Fred and I simultaneously terrified but thrilled. The expression of that thrilling terror is a great example of our 'opposite-ness'.


EL said...

Great pic!! It made me giggle.

freshisle said...

I've done that ride. I'm with Fred!