Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lady Grey

My sweater is done. And a great success it is, too. I love it.

Do you like what I did with the sleeves? A 'just-in-case' type of striping. In case I run out of yarn, that is.

Totally from stash, and even from trailer stash - lucky that I brought with me exactly the amount of the right kind of wool that I needed for a sweater. The brown is Belle Valley wool left over from a long ago red and brown plaid vest and the greys are Wooly Harvest yarn from Manitoulin Island.

The pattern , called Casual Classic, is from Button Up Your Top Down by the Gemmell sisters.
What a great pattern. Well written and well constructed.

My 'mods' were few. I didn't cast on all the stitches stated for the underarms. The pattern called for 11 stitches in my size, and although it might have been fine for the body, it made the sleeves seem enormous. Instead, I cast on 5. The only other 'mod' was at the cuffs. The pattern stated to decrease the sleeves down to 44 stitches. That made my cuff too big - Oh to have such dainty wrists as mine - so I decreased down to 36 and they are perfect.

My daughter-in-law just brought me a cup of tea. Lady Grey tea. I think that is a perfect name for my sweater. Lady Grey it is.


LaurieM said...

It looks warm and snuggly. You'll bet toasty comfortable this coming cold season.

Zieknits said...

Nice. Great striping. And...may I say...quick?

But here's the question: Has the weather warmed up since the sweater's been done? ;-)

freshisle said...

Just beautiful! And sad to say, perfect for our weather.

Anonymous said...

That's lovely! I have sweater envy.