Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Routine has returned. Today being Thursday, meant --KNIT GROUP TODAY!!!

But you may have heard about the tornado that passed our way last Thursday.
It flooded the Meaford library forcing the knit group to scramble to find a meeting place. Fortunately, Isabel at our LYS generously offered her back room/kitchen/workshop until the library re-opens.

Gail was back with this great sweater for her granddaughter. I love the little 'skirt' at the bottom.

And pensive Wilma was wearing her Teal top,

as she knit this sweater

from this magazine (The one that Wilma 'made' me buy earlier this summer)
in a wonderful shade of red

for her daughter. Lovely, Wilma.

The only thing that would make this 'routine' Thursday better would be Survivor. When does it start?

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