Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Gifted Gemmells

My latest sweater - Lady Grey is from the Gemmell sisters book - Button Up Your Top Down.

It's a book, I had long wanted and finally bought, earlier this summer. Lady Grey is my first sweater from the book.

Naturally it's a top down. I have knit many top downs and even designed some. Always, as in the Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater, I start with a number of cast on stitches at the neck, then increase until they meet in the middle of the centre front.

But not Deb Gemme's designs. They start with more neck stitches and then DECREASE as you approach the centre front.

Skeptic that I am, I thought "This will never work." But work it did. Even finished, I can't get my head around that math and how she did it. But it worked and it is the best top down neck line, I have ever done!!

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Natural fibre girl said...

I have asked Deb Gemmell to come to Grey Heron for a workshop on "Knitting Top Down"
You're having a fab holiday...
See you when you get back Karen