Friday, August 7, 2009

The Genius of EZ

The other 'mod' I made to Lady Grey was to use Elizabeth Zimmermann's One Row Button Hole. Again a first for me.

If I wasn't afraid of copyright issues, I would spell out the directions word for word for you. But here, just let me tell you that she does the buttonhole with slipped stitches rather than the normal cast-off stitches. Also, she does a magical twisting of stitches so there are no 'gaps'. And she does it all on one row.

Without doubt, the best buttonhole I've ever made.

You can find it on Page 80 of Knitters Almanac, by the one and only, and in my books highly revered Elizabeth Zimmermann.

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Sel and Poivre said...

The more EZ I read the more evident it becomes to me that she fairly "unvented" modern knitting and I wonder what would be left if every EZ "inspired" knit dissappeared? And I also wonder how much of her genius was allowed expression because her materials and surroundings were so pared down her brain was able to really soar without undue knitterly distractions?