Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Can't They Do This In A House

No one was more surprised than me, to discover I like trailer life.

It's very cramped when the Grand Kids come to visit. And no large dinner parties will ever be readied in my tiny, trailer kitchen.
But as comfortable digs for summer fun, the trailer is great. And what house builders couldn't learn from trailer manufacturers! Look at these features.

Skylights that open with a quick turn of a little handle.
Environmentally- friendly, low-water-use toilets that flush with a foot pedal and use only enough water to do what's required.
(Read many blogs that post pics of their thrones?)

But the best of all, a feature that's common in today's trailers - the 'push-out'. Wouldn't it be neat, if at home, when expectiong guests, you could press a hydraulic button and push out the wall to gain additional space? Now that's design!

It's all summed up nicely in the 'lovely' plate - a garage-sale find - my sister gave me.

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