Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Knitting Fairy

Yesterday, taking advantage of a rare combination of events - no Grand Kids and warm sunny weather, Fred and I spent the afternoon in the boat. Fred fishing and me knitting.

While we were out, the Knitting Fairy came. Look what she left me.

And I've already removed 'my colours'.
Attached to the yarn pack were instructions for finger knitting using all 4 fingers on the hand. A great Grand Kids project.

Then she left the Yarn Atlas.

I see there are 13 yarn stores in Alaska, 53 in Florida! But in Clinton country, only 3. Guess Hillary doesn't knit. You can buy yarn anywhere from Walla Walla,Washington to Lafayette, Louisiana and all points in between.

But that's not all the Knitting Fairy left. This Knitting Fairy is also a quilter and she brought me this.

This will make a great Grand Kids' gift.

Thank you Knitting Fairy. I bet your name is Ruby. Sorry I missed your visit.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice knitting fairy!

Anonymous said...

But, did the fish fairy also pay a visit?