Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aunt Alma's Dorm Boots

In the search for a great slipper pattern, I came across a net pattern called Aunt Alma's Dorm Boots.

I am searching for a slipper pattern that will look great felted, is not a clog and has a double thick sole. Fibre Trends, you are shouting to your monitor, I bet.

Except that I find the FT pattern fiddly. And you know by now that I am not the fiddly type. I'm the easy-peasy girl.

Aunt Alma's Dorm B0ots are definitely easy. A fun knit. But I wasn't truly happy with the sole. In fact, it isn't a sole at all.

So I am crossing it off my list. But if you are not so pathetically particular about your slippers, try it. It makes a cute slipper.

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