Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Dent Was Made

My knitting bag hasn't surfaced yet, but I did find the bag of summer knitting. I knit virtually every day at the trailer; rainy days are great for knitting. Riding in the boat while Fred fishes is great for knitting. Sitting in the outdoor chair keeping an eye on Grand Kids who are swimming, running, biking, playing is great for knitting.

The summer finished with quite a few FOs. Remember the hats? The Flapper Hat is missing. My Hearst friend Jan claimed it.
Remember the mittens?
The slippers?
The tea cozy?
And then there were a couple of dishcloths, the completion of the Easy Peasy Summer Wrap #2
- which my DIL, Kim, claimed - and another hat, which I can't show you at the moment, as it is a surprise for someone who reads the blog. Lots of fun little projects - some of which had been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time.

But despite the daily knitting ritual and all the finished objects, there was hardly a dent made in my trailer trunk of stash stuff. Like knitting - you knit and knit but at the end of the night, the ruler doesn't show much more knitting than when you started. The knitters' mystery; you do so much, yet still have so much to do.

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Vera said...

Everything is so very nice, but what do you do with it all????? :-)