Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Chevalier Mitten

That's right. Mitten. Singular.

I've been lusting for these mittens Chevalier Mittens)ever since I noticed the pattern on the 'net'. With my trailer-trunk of stash-stuff, a quiet summer day seemed the perfect time to tackle them. Besides after 3 hats, I was ready for a change.

The pattern is great and easy to do. Probably really easy for those of you not readily confused about left/right, front/back cables. Me, on the other hand ... well, it takes me a few 'froggins' to get my cable 'mo-jo' fired up.

But I only have one mitten - and a thumb-less one at that. By the time number one was finished, it was time to begin packing up for the trip home.

Time to select some no-thinking knitting for the car. Mitten number two to follow from Thornbury.

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