Friday, May 30, 2008

To Hearst

With the miracle of modern blogging, I am sitting in the car, on the way to Hearst while you read this.

"Hearst?" you say. "Where the heck is that?" Well you might ask. With all apologies to my Hearst friends that might be reading this, it was the same question I asked when Charlie - son #1 - said he was going there to work. While your reaction to learning where Hearst is will surely be one of mild disinterest, my reaction was to sob. For a long time.

Hearst is on the Trans Canada highway about two hours west of Cochrane. Cochrane you might know because it is where travelers catch the Polar Bear Express. The train that takes tourists to Moosonnee on Hudson's Bay.

Charlie met his wife in Hearst and now has three children. Our beauteous grandchildren.
We spend summer time in Hearst at our trailer to see these three and to do some of this.

and this
and this
and this
With post dated blogging and occasional access to Charlie's computer, I hope to keep you up to date on our activities. We'll be back mid-June.

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