Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

And this Thursday, for Port Alberni too. But first Knit Group.
Look at these fabulous 'Multi Directional Scarves'.

Doreen's Brown Scarf. My colur indeed.

Gail's beautiful scarf made with Noro Sock Yarn.

Sharon's jewel-tone scarf, also of Noro Sock Yarn. Hmmm. I might just have to get me some of that.

Mine of course has nothing more done to it than at this time last week. After all, I am busy with the race - er - rather - KAL, with Nicki. The scarf will come later.

Now, on to Port Alberni. Friends, Jim and Shirl took us to see Coombs and then on to Cathedral Grove. Outstanding, spectacular tourist sights, but no yarn shops. So when Jim asked
"What's next?"
I said "Port Alberni. There's a yarn shop there."

Port Alberni turned out to be a giggle. It was Monday and everywhere we went was closed.
First stop -after a harrowing mountain drive - was the Legion. A cold beer after the drive sounded good. We walked into the open door to see the janitor mopping floors.
"Closed Mondays, folks."

SO - on to the yarn shop. The address given in the phone book was down by the wharf. A very quaint area with lots of shops at water's edge. But no yarn shop. A local lady, enjoying the sun and a coffee said the shop had moved.
"About three blocks up main street" she pointed.

Up was right. Straight up. Poor Jim has bad knees, so we decided to drive the three blocks.
Three blocks later,with no yarn shop in sight. Jim pulled into a coffee shop - a Port Alberni-famous, coffee shop , according to Jim.

"You can't come to Port Alberni and not have coffee at -----" he said. We reached the door, just as the proprietor came out to lock it.
"Winter hours". "We close at 3."

I decided to check the fabric store next door to see if they knew of the local yarn shop.
"About three blocks further up main street." was the answer.

This time we decided to walk. Sorry about your knees, Jim. Huffing, straight up for three blocks and there it was. Two beautiful hand-knit garments in the window. More of the same inside the store. Creative designs, very beautifully knit. But also in the shop was a young man with multiple tattoos, multiple ear ring/bone piercings and a most startling hair 'do'.

We browsed while the owner gabbed with the young man. Stock was low and nothing grabbed our attention. We chatted with the owner long enough to discover that she designed as well as knit the display garments, then we left.

No beer. No coffee. No yarn. That's Port Alberni on a Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda the colours really showed well , the Noro has such great colours..Sharon