Friday, May 2, 2008

Take a Ferry to Quadra Island

To get here,

you have to go here
Ten minutes by ferry from Campbell River to Quadra Island.

Once here
this is what you see.

Aren't they beautiful? I have shown them to you before, but they're worth showing again. Especially since I see that the pattern is now available on their web site. Check it out.

I have long been a reader of Fun Knits blog which made their shop another must see while in BC. When we arrived at the store, they were just tidying up from their annual, April retreat. Bemoaning the fact that I had missed a knitting retreat, the clerk invited me to come back for the October retreat. Ann and Eugene Bourgeois from Philosopher's Wool are the instructors. What a hoot! For most of my life I lived an hour from the Philosopher's Wool farm. Should I travel across country to see them? If I could rack up enough air miles between now and October, I surely would.

Fun Knits was exactly the type of vacation yarn store I had been looking for. Lots of stock. All very different from what I could buy at home. They were the first store we had visited to have local product. Yarn spun from local fleece from local sheep. Hand dyed by local artists. What a treat.

Lucky me. There were having a sale. Look what I got. 25% off on the Opal SOck Kit and 50% off the brushed mohair.
This was a kit. A 100 G ball of Opal Sock Yarn and a ball of un-labeled, lace-weight mohair. Holding the two together should make a great pair of warm ski socks.

And isn't this spectacular? Brushed Mohair from Cherry Tree Hill. Slightly more orange than what the computer shows. 500 M. What will that make? What did I intend it for? I have no idea. But it was too gorgeous to pass up.

Then the lovely clerk told us of a yarn store in Cumberland. One that wasn't on my list. That is where we head on Monday.

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