Monday, May 12, 2008

Pure Process, Pure BLiss. Or Is It Pure Boredom?

My TD PF R SS KAL with Nicki is progressing - but w a a a y to slowly to suit me.

I know that a sensible knitter would start a new project to alleviate the boredom. In the terminal stages of pure boredom - er that is - straight stockinet, I seldom do that. Well aware of my lack of self discipline, I know that if I start a new one, I might never come back to this one. Then, too, there's my Mother's voice. Left over from my childhood.
"You can't start something new until you finish this." A Mother's sentiment voiced from the sheer frustration of having kids' unfinished projects in every corner of the house. But a voice still heard, none-the-less.

I am more likely to start multiple projects when the current one is merrily chugging along. My thought process would be " Mmmm. This is fun. How much fun would two be?" And off I would go to try out that second - or third - project, knowing that I'll be certain to come back to project number one. How could I not? It is so much fun.

So when I saw the expression ' Pure Process Pure Bliss' on Knitting On Impluse
I thought perhaps I needed an attitude shift. And I tried, I really did - all through the three hour finale of Survivor last night. The best I could do was to see it as both - Pure Bliss, Pure Boredom.

And I am anxious to get it done.

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