Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On The Road Again

Just like the song, Fred and I are on the road again today. Two great things are happening.

First, we are off to a very special dinner. My nephew and God-Son, Jesse, has spent his entire Grade 9 year working on a special project.

The school principal took 10 students and had them work on a year long assignment. The purpose of the assignment was to have several ambassadors from foreign countries visit their town for three days. Tonight is the culmination of the visit with a gala reception and dinner at a swanky restaurant.

The kids have learned much. They made presentations to local service clubs appealing for funding. They corresponded with the ambassadors and their staff to arrange the visits. They dealt with local businesses to set up tours for the visitors. A wonderful experience for teenagers. It has been stressful these last few weeks leading up to the actual visit and Jesse tells us he will be glad when it is over.

So, tonight we are putting on our fancy duds and getting to see the best of a group of teenagers. Not to mention dining with a group of ambassadors. A first for me.

I thought perhaps I could get them to announce my entrance. "Her excellency (OK that may be pushing it a bit) Brenda, ambassador from the town of Thornbury, representative of all things knitting." Hee Hee.

And the second great thing, is the visit involves about 3 hours of driving each way. Lots of knitting time!! Yahoo. Maybe the KAL will get done.

Tomorrow, I am taking advantage of blogger's new feature - scheduled posting. I wrote Thursday's post a few days ago and it should appear on Thursday morning at 10:am. For once I can say - without sarcasm - 'Technology ! Don't cha love it?'

Friday, when I return, I will show you the KAL. Will it be finished? Let's hope so.

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