Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Knitters are so talented! In our knit group,we have knitters that knit and spin, knitters that knit and weave, and some that spin, knit and weave. Sharon is a knitter weaver.

In late winter Sharon asked all of us at knit group for plastic bags. She wanted to - get this - cut up the plastic bags, and then weave them on her loom to make - what else - plastic bags. Different looking plastic bags mind you, but plastic bags none-the-less. Now who else but a fibre artist would want to do something so time consuming just to make the same thing? No one I tell you. But fibre artists are special. Creative. Talented. And generous. Look what Sharon gave me today.

Sharon gave us our bags based on the bags we gave her. Mine has Benjamin Moore bags -that's the red you see - milk bags, and liquor store bags. Now what I don't understand is why those bags suit our personalities. I'm, bright, bold, brassy. A bull in a china shop personality. So is my bag.

Doreen on the other hand is a lady. Gentile, considerate and soft spoken.
Look at her bag! Doesn't that suit a gentile, soft spoken lady with it's subdued colour palette? A sociologist could do much with this information I would think.

Thursdays are for knit group - and ain't it grand?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words, Brenda..the bags photographed very well. hope everyone enjoys their plastic bag bags.
Hope you have a good weekend..Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love the bags. They're all great. Good job Sharon! The green in the first bag comes from Riverside Yarns. I love that green. I wonder what that means? Hmmmm, if I google.....