Friday, April 18, 2008

Easy Peasy Self Fringing Wrap

As the 'Sexy Grandma' Tee nears it's end (About 25 rows to go, but with fewer and fewer stitches as it nears the top) I ask myself "What's next?" For the trip to Vancouver Island, I pulled lots of different creams and ivories from my stash for a summer shawl.
An 'easy peasy' shawl. More a concept than a pattern. Stolen,as usual, from a friend and fellow knitter. Remember - I am not so creative, but I copy well.

Easy-Peasy Self-Fringing Shawl/Stole
Use lots of different yarns, with lots of different textures and weights, that look good together.
Include some 'eyelash' type yarns for good texture.
Use a big fat needle - about 9mm to make the stitches lacey and open.
Cast on enough stitches to make the shawl/stole as long as you want it. My guide? A beach towel.
Work in garter stitch.
Work each row in a different yarn
When starting and ending each row, leave a long tail - about 6 - 8 inches.
Once you have two tails side by side, tie them together. There's the fringe.
Change colours completely at random. Because colours are changed each row, the effect is one of creating fabric. Individual rows disappear in the randomness of the changes.

The effect is stunning. I have one of these shawls in sparkly, Christmas colours with an extravagantly long fringe - about 15 inches - that is nothing short of spectacular. Heads turn and compliments come every time I wear it. Feels great.

So it could be the shawl next. Or maybe another summer top. With this yarn from Mad About Ewe in Nanaimo BC,
Cotton. The orange has a small blue fleck in it, so looks great with the plain blue.

But, then there is the Pattern-Free, Top-Down, Raglan, , Summer Sweater KAL with my friend Nicki.

As my friend Shirl would say "You have options."

Options. Maybe the answer will come to me as I finish those last few rows of Sexy Grandma.

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Anonymous said...

hope that the stash scarf will be the Thursday knit Group's fall/winter project.Already some of us are collecting exciting yarns