Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursdays Are For Knit Group and Survivor

Today at Knit Group, Ingrid taught us how to make a "Multi Directional Scarf. Our Ingrid is a prolific knitter and a very creative lady. Her hand knits - all pattern-free (" I can't read a pattern." says she) - are very, very 'haute couture'. After making several Multi Directional Scarves herself, she suggested we might appreciate a workshop to learn how to make them.
Here are Ingrid's - all in a pile and not showing to their best. But, trust me, they are beautiful. Any variegated yarn will make a nice scarf. Most of Ingrid's are made from self-striping sock yarn. I especially like the orange one in front.

And here is our Ingrid helping us get started
And again.
Poor Ingrid has been very sick and probably should not have been out today. But when knitting calls - who wants to stay home? Though most doctors have yet to discover it, any knitter would tell you that an hour or so of knitting can cure a lot of ills.

Ingrid's pattern is pretty self explanatory. I say this even though my scarf is far from being done. But, it seems to be working out. It starts like a one-sided dishcloth, which makes a triangle. Then the next triangle is done with short rows. Make it as wide or long as you like.
Once mine is done, and I am sure of what I'm doing, I will post the directions.

And on to Survivor. Well, no Survivor for me tonight. Instead, I will be at Scotland Sings -a fund raiser being held locally. I am on the cookie committee. Tea, coffee, juice and home made cookies to be served at intermission. I love small towns.
A few weeks ago, I was given tickets to sell. But let me tell you, selling tickets to a Scottish music event is no easy task. I had no idea so many people disliked bagpipes. Fervently dislike, I might add. Me, I love them. Makes me feel a bit out of sync.

Fred will have to watch Survivor for me and fill me in when I get home. And I don't think I will knit while at Scotland Sings. Bagpipes are so o o o o stirring. Who knows what my scarf might look like. It is, after all, the Multi Directional Scarf, not the Dropped Stitch Scarf.

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