Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did You Do Any Knitting?

After packing the yarn first - and for three!!! projects - I did not knit at all, while away. Unless you count a pathetic few inches on the cotton Tee.

At Pearson, the needles triggered security. The lady who opened my bag almost gasped in horror. She called over her supervisor who fortunately knows knitting needles from weapons of mass destruction. "All the lady wants to do is make something" is what he said before he told me all about the socks his Grandma knits for him.

You would think after getting them on the plane, I would have used them. But I was too excited about being on a plane for the first time in several years and the trip in general ,to knit.

Coming home, security was again triggered. Seasoned traveler by now, I informed the clerk "It's my knitting needles.
"No no" she said. "Knitting needles are allowed." (Guess Pearson didn't get the memo)
This time it was my 'terrorist toiletries'. What do you think those good looking airline staff do with all those confiscated toiletries?

The return trip was less exciting, so I did knit some. About 3 inches.
Since coming home though, I have knit the Tee to the armholes. It looks like a blob at the moment, so no photo tonight.

What I am going to show you, is laundry on the clothesline. I am not a diary writer. But, thanks to a suggestion from my London friend, Helen, I do keep a 'book of firsts'. A place to record the first time things happen. Like the first frost of the fall, or the first snow of winter. And today, the first time the laundry was hung outside in 2008.

And if you are anal about these things, as I am, in /07 it was Mar 23 and in /06 Mar 31.
Proof positive that our spring is late in coming. Wonder if that cute meteorologist knows?

A Pretty Sight.

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