Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sexy Grandma???

Thursdays are for knit group -- and Surviror, of course. Today I took ' the blob' to knit group. The 'blob' being the summer cotton Tee - which is now about an inch past the armhole opening.

When one of the knitters asked what I was making, I dug the pattern out of my bag. And here it is for you to see.

A cute little Tee, I thought. A pattern I have had for a few years now. It covers all the important bits, and has just a little riske openness at the shoulders.

But when I showed the pattern to my fellow knitter, her response was quite different from mine.
"Mmmm" was what she said while her eyebrows spiked.

She passed it to the knitter next and the conversation went like this.
" Who's making this?"
"Bre-en-en da!! You aren't going to wear that are you?"

"Sure", I replied. "What's wrong with it?"
Pretty sexy, pretty daring, pretty revealing was what they had to say.

Come one. It is just a couple of inches of shoulder. Not too daring for a Grandma, surely.

I bet they think I will look like the model. Maybe even get a mini skirt. No!! Not this Grandma. Sorry, knit group. Just me with a couple of inches of bare shoulder.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm stilling laughing! I really think you need the mini skirt! LOL
Of course, after you wear the top we'll all want one, so we can be sexy too.