Monday, April 28, 2008

The Best Laid Plans ...

Today, I was either going to regale you with the terrific events of the weekend or show you my yarn purchases from BC.
The annual Thornbury Jazz Festival took place over 3 days this past weekend. 10 bands at various venues around town on Friday night. 3 big bands and professional dancers on Saturday and a rousing Gospelfest on Sunday. Great value at $45 wouldn't you say?

Friday night, we started by going to see the Regal Jazz Band. There I realized, I had left my camera at home. Between sets, I stopped at home to pick up the camera. Then off to see the Fig Leaf Jazz Band. Three pictures later, the batteries died. The rest of the weekend was a whirl, so no time to buy batteries.

But, I have also been asked to reveal my BC yarn purchases. A good alternative to the Jazz Festival thought I, since there were only three jazz pics anyway. Down to the variety store I went this afternoon to get batteries. Cheapies, as they were out of the 'bunny' type. Back home the batteries had enough energy to turn on the camera, but that's it. Never have I had brand new, non-functioning batteries before. I sure hope that is the issue, and it's not my camera.

So, I can't even show you the three photos I did take. And no photos of the yarn from BC.

Technology! Dont'cha love it?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda!
This is your daughter-in-law here.
About your battery issue. Buy lithium batteries. They are usually about $12.00 for 2 batteries. Freakin' expensive you say! Well, they are definetely worth it. They last up to months. You can take approximately 700 pictures on 1 pair of batteries. And if your camera takes 4 batteries, you still get the same results, sometimes better!
Anyhow, let me know what you think.
Love ya!