Monday, April 14, 2008

Normal BLogging Resumes Today

We're home. How silly of me to think that I might have had time - or the inclination - to blog while on holiday. Really - I was too busy visiting yarn shops.

Prior to leaving, I made a list of 5 Vancouver Island yarn shops - found on a web site - that I wanted to visit. Two were familiar to me thru newsletters or blogs. The others were - simply - there. I mean - do you need any other reason?

All the friends we visited - great people that they are - took my quest to heart and lined up all the yarn shops in their towns. I can't even remember how many I visited.

Poor Fred spent much of the holiday waiting in front of yet another yarn shop. Sometimes lucky enough to find a bench, sometimes lucky enough to find a bar, other times, pacing.

My favourite, I think, was Fun Knits on Quadra Island. Of course, having to take a ferry from Campbell River added to the experience. Fred - a passionate fisherman - said he was going to get a T shirt that reads " I came to Campbell River - The Salmon Fishing Capital of Canada - and all I did was visit a blankety blankety yarn shop."

Fun Knits features lots of locally spun, dyed and painted yarns. And!! They sell Kauni. One of their knitters created her own pattern and knit a Kauni cardigan that is to die for. Here are the two - in different colourways - that were on display.

The pattern is being readied now. I was told to check the web site - - in a couple of weeks.

And here are a couple of shots of me with the yarn acquisitions.

I wonder what Fred will say when I tell him I am going to the Knitters Fair this year.

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Anonymous said...

i´m sure there´s a twelve step program for knitters out there. Break the addiction!