Friday, October 24, 2014


After all my Rhinebeck travel posts, I thought it time I delivered some knitting news.  Especially since Fred and I leave  soon for a week in Utah and Arizona.  Places we have not yet visited and cities filled, hopefully,  with unique yarn stores.  Ooops.  Fred doesn't know that yet.

Anyway, in between my travels, there has been knitting.

You might remember that I was working on Radicchio, in an off white cotton/wool blend purchased at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I was partly finished one sleeve by Thanksgiving weekend when something wonderful happened.  My niece, adult niece I might add, asked if I would knit her a sweater.  Whoo Hoo, would I? No need to ask twice.

She is a young Mom and that brings with it several sweater requirements.  It must be washer and dryer friendly, not itchy, expansive enough to cover the hips that blossomed through child birth, and of a colour that disguises spit-up.

A pretty young woman she is  with blond hair, clear skin  and rich brown eyes. I think I have just the thing:  Cotton Tweed -  the cotton/acrylic blend that can be washed and dried for years to come and still look good.  Rich, deep brown to enhance her eyes and resist showing spit-up. A bit of denim blue here and there to make it youthful. Although the  camera shot below doesn't make the blue look too denim-y,  in reality it is.

The pattern I selected is the Crew Neck Basic DK cardigan

from Button Up Your Top Down.

When viewing cardigan patterns on ravelry, my niece seemed to gravitate to those sweaters that had contrasting buttons. To make that effect even more 'cool', I am working the trim in the contrasting denim and will put dark brown buttons on the blue trim.  I am excited to knit, finish and present her with the sweater.  I hope my vision matches hers. 


Needles said...

If you are going to Arizona, you must stop at the yarn store in Jerome, AZ. Brian and I were in Jerome on our honeymoon oh so many years ago. It was a sleepy wee place swathed in fog and the ruins and signs of old mines. It is now a trendy place for all sorts of makers, and they have a really great little yarn store. Lots of other stuff to do there too. A friend who winters there says it is great!

Sel and Poivre said...

My goodness you are a girl on the go this year!

Deb @ cabinfever said...

Looks great with the contrasting bands. Can't wait to see it finished.