Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

What a treat we had today.  Sandy B brought her sister Sue - Bag Lady Sue.  She who gives us all her cast off yarns.  Sue is very creative.  She designs on the fly and makes beautiful pieces.  Today she showed us her latest design. A two sided infinity scarf. It has a winter side and a summer side.

Here she is with the scarf.  Note the colour work.  Fingering weight yarns.

Here is the winter side.  Darker colours,  colour work that showcases trees and leaves.

And now the spring side.  Flowers. Bright colours.  

So how did she do this? She cast on many stitches, and worked the scarf in the round  First she did the winter side, using charts from other patterns.  When she had finished that, she worked a row of purl stitches then carried on to work the second half in different colours and using different charts.  All loose ends are buried between two layers of fabric. I didn't ask and forgot to look closely enough to know how she finished off.  Was it a  three needle bind off, or a crocheted edge? Either would work.   Beautiful and very inspirational, Sue.

Sandy's cowls are quite different These are the bulky cowls with 5 strands of DK yarn.  Look how many she has knit so far. 

Here she shows us the needle size. 

15mm.  Not in every knitter's needle stash.  And according to Sandy, painful to use for  extended periods of time.  She said she had to take many breaks to save her wrists.  Thanks for the tip Sandy.

What great fun it was to see Sue's creative work again.  Thanks for coming Sue.

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