Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Once Upon A Time

2014 seems to be shaping up to be a low knitting production year for me. I could bore you with  reasons   excuses as to why that is, but suffice it to say life just got in the way. 

I like to think I am  now back on track - although life might still have something to say to me.  But while I'm waiting for that message, I have returned to a lovely little summer cardi. 

 See how life gets in the way? Summer cardis in deep fall.

The yarn for this sweater was purchased in early May at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.   I started it in the summer, then set it aside for other issues  knitting.

The trouble with setting aside is that one   I   forget.  I thought I had finished the length so carried on to knit the button bands. Tried it on.  Too short. What had I forgotten?  Two things  -   I hadn't finished the length and try on the sweater before you decide it is long enough.

The button bands had to be ripped, then I lengthened it and now have one button band finished. Once the second one is done, then it is on to the sleeves.  And we all know how quickly they knit up. Hence the name of this sweater - Once Upon A Time..... 

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