Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Routine, especially my Thursday afternoon routine of going to  knit group, feels great.  Soon we will lose our snowbirds so it was good to see their knitting today.

Sharon and Gail are sock absorbed today.

And doesn't Sharon look great in her cotton, Knitters Fair shawl?  She says she has started shawl number two but brought socks to knit group.

Nicki and Lorrie both  worked  on socks today - but here they are sidetracked by the librarian. Who wouldn't be sidetracked? She brought us candy.

Wilma brought her finished 'big yarn, big needles' cowl. She had some bulky wool in her stash and borrowed Sandy's 15mm needles.  Those needles are making their rounds in this knit group. Thanks, Sandy.

Nicki modelled it for us. A cowl this big is  almost a shawl.  Multi purpose.

Speaking of  shawls - look at the one Sandy is wearing.  Knit by Sister Sue - the bag lady - it is fabulous.
 The other day, a reader emailed to say she couldn't access the comments section of my blog page.  Today, blogger isn't letting me align the typing where I want.  
Perhaps time to change switch allegiances.
This looks cute - 
 but not easily read.

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