Monday, November 3, 2014

Last Monday

Home now for a day, after a great trip to Utah, The Grand Canyon and Vegas.  For a week or so after arriving home from a trip, I often ask myself  "Where was I, a week ago today?"

In this case I can tell you I travelled through Zion National Park and on to the Slotted Canyon.
 The scenery was jaw dropping, breath taking, unbelievable. Click on each photo to really see it.
 Sometimes as we climbed to a scenic look-out, my friend and I would turn to each other and just laugh.  It was so spectacular.

The Slotted Canyon was quite an interesting work of landscape.  Like a cave but open at both ends and with places within where you could see the sun. Our tour guide, a Navajo Indian lady named Laurie,  took pity on my poor photo taking skills and kept grabbing my tablet, saying " Here, let me." 

These photos below, all inside the Canyon, are by Laurie.  This Canyon, seemingly so  dry, sees Monsoon-like rains in the summer months and is subject to flash floods.  Serious flash floods.  Tourists used to be able to enter  the canyon on their own but in the late 90s, eleven tourists  drowned in a late-summer, flash flood.  Since that time the only way in is with a guide.  Quite a display of light and shadow within the canyon.

 While unpacking my suitcase yesterday I found this.  Put there on day one - and that is where it stayed.  No knitting on this trip.

 I'll take you along for the rest of my trip over the next few days. 


Sel and Poivre said...

Wow! Maybe we need to put that trip on our to do list! (Despite the fact that you said you didn't get to knit the whole trip it sounds fantastic!)

LynS said...

How wonderful! I know that spontaneous laughter at the sheer beauty of a place. That's one of the reasons we travel. I'd love to visit the national parks in Utah. Yet another place to add to my ever-expanding list of places I want to visit.