Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

As this year's recent TV ad sings " Old man winter, old man winter, he will be here soon."   With the rain and cool winds, it sure felt like it today. The best place to be on a cool windy, almost-winter day?  Upstairs at the Meaford library.  Knitting.

Today we were thinking of Nan.  She has been knitting at home lately, keeping an eye on her hubby who  had surgery this fall.    We miss you Nan.  Everyone says 'Hi'.

Gail inherited some yarn when a friend passed away.  She is knitting a baby blanket with the yarn and will gift it back to the family.

 Very nice thing to do, Gail.

Deanna is knitting a diagonal scarf. 

It always amazes me how the colour changes work out  precisely at the directional change.  Like magic.  I asked Deanna if she was knitting it for herself, but no, she is gifting it.  I told her I thought she should keep it as it matches her hair. 
She seemed to think this funny.

We had a new-to-us knitter come today.  She wants to knit a baby blanket and was struggling with the cables in the pattern.  She was discouraged, saying she had ripped it out several times.  But by the end of knit group, she had finished two rows and kept the correct stitch count. A first for her.   She was thrilled.  We've all been there, Barb.

 No one mentioned Christmas knitting today.  Hmmm. I wonder f they know it's coming.

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